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About us

To The Letter, is comprised of a team of highly qualified professional writers who cater to a diverse clientele both in the public and private sectors. The company is now internationally active, and is listed on various internet sites. To The Letter has operated successfully for twenty years and has earned a reputation for effectively providing cutting edge businesses, the government, professionals and the general public with clear and succinct written material which is well targeted to the reader.

We have acted as objective panel members for Government Departments successfully preparing reports and other documentation which, by the very nature of the work, may be open to scrutiny and must survive challenge. Similarly, we have assisted businesses with expressions of interest/tenders, brochures/advertising material, company profiles and business correspondence.

We have also been extremely successful in addressing selection criteria for professional clients applying for government positions.

Our brilliant young team is headed by a veteran Public Relations specialist Christine Makella, who has acquired extensive experience in the corporate arena in public relations and upper echelon management capacities. On a personal level, in addition to writing, Christine has independently and successfully developed land and marketed property. Christine has also studied law.

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