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Selection Criteria Success


We attribute our high success rate in assisting clients into public sector interviews, to our diverse range of capabilities, which extend beyond English literature, general corporate writing or human resource skills, to strong analytical ability and capacity to accurately digest complex information.  Our backgrounds in law, public relations, engineering/languages and IT provide us with a unique capacity to appropriately apply that information in selection criteria responses.

Significantly, we have enjoyed success with selection criteria from APS2 roles to high level public sector Directorships.  We accommodate the STAR and CAR requirements when specified, but our expertise also encompasses experience and skills which allow us to write in a more sophisticated style, succinctly detailing our client’s suitability to any position.

Moreover, we meet critical deadlines but never rush work.  We schedule applications as they come in and allocate sufficient time to thoroughly glean relevant information from provided material and weave it into an impressive document.  We do not prepare drafts as they have proven unnecessary.  Our level of expertise and extensive experience allows us to present material in finished form.



After being granted interviews recently, Jill, Emma, Gordon, David and Bianca have separately sent emails describing our work as fantastic.

Here are some other recent responses which illustrate our success:

I got the last EL2 you helped me with and I am now seeking an SES job.  Can you help?  Claudia

I got the Ausaid Interview.  Ian

I successfully won my EL1 with your assistance….now I want the EL2.  Julie

I got the interview last week, and I got the job today.  Jane

100% success rate for the 2 jobs you prepared. Not bad.  Now I need another. Jenny

Several months ago you prepared applications for me…… I got five interviews for five public sector jobs and got the first one I applied for.  Brett

Clever you!  I got both interviews.  Ann

I got the interview last week and the job today.  Thanks again Colleen

You have prepared several applications for me and I thought I should tell you I’ve had at least 97% success rate at getting into interviews.  Rebecca

I got the interview and I got the job and better still I was complimented on my application when I walked into the interview.  Thanks again.  Bridget

You are a genius.  I got two interviews and two jobs with your work and now my wife was just told she had the job too. Such excellent work.   Derek

You assisted me into my current job and now I would like you to prepare something for my son.  Janine

I have been invited to apply for an SES2 position.  You wrote the selection criteria for my current position and as I was coming from the private sector I am sure I wouldn’t have been successful without your help.  I hope you can assist me again with this one.  Les

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